About Advocate Market Research

In 1998, Kalinda Fisher founded Advocate Market Research Bureau in an effort to combine the emerging methodologies of Ethnographic Market Research with her strong desire to provide personalized attention. This served to help businesses and organizations achieve a deeper understanding into the attitudes and behaviors of today’s consumers.

“With my background as a sociologist and the knowledge I gained working in advertising research, I found that many businesses and organizations didn’t really have an understanding of the consumers of their products.

I began Advocate Market Research Bureau to help businesses and organizations, through effective market research, gain a truer picture of their consumers by becoming, in essence, the ‘voice’ of their consumer, and ultimately their ‘advocate.’

Essentially, the market research we provide helps our clients gain the understanding and insights they need to reach their customers in the most effective ways possible.”


Quantitative Research gathers market and consumer information that allows for a highly quantifiable, objective answer to your research questions. Examples of this methodology include telephone, mail and e-mail surveys.
Qualitative Research is often used in conjunction with Quantitative Research and helps a business understand the raw numbers and data in a more ‘personal’ way. Examples of this methodology include focus groups and intercepts.

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