Bright Cellars Has a Bright Idea

A Word from My New Friends from: Bright Cellars  

A New Way to Drink Wine

Bright Cellars has discovered a new way to sell wine

Bright Cellars has discovered a new way to sell wine

The wine industry can be an intimidating place, especially for millennials. It’s been perceived as pretentious and uppity for so long that it has driven away consumers, even intimidating prospective winos out of the wine aisle altogether. But thanks to two MIT grads with a love for wine and a desire to make the industry more accessible and entertaining, a huge shift has been inspired. It began with two roommates: a vehement business student and a merlot-sipping tech genius. Enter: Bright Cellars.

Monthly Subscriptions Ain’t Just For Magazines


Bright Cellars is a monthly subscription wine experience that matches member with personalized monthly selections. Members take a short quiz to share their taste preferences for food and beverages, which Bright Cellars then uses to design each member’s very own personalized taste profile. Based on this profile, the Bright Cellars algorithm identifies specific wines that are likely to match the member’s tastes. Bright Cellars’ slogan is literally “discover wine you love.” Not only do members get to rate and review four wines a month, but often this results in finding their new favorite wine, usually one they would otherwise never try.

Understanding the
Millennial Demographic

Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars has discovered a new way to sell wine. Wine + Custom Choices + Mail = Happy Millenials.

The subscription component of Bright Cellars is also a major score with the millennial demographic. Millennials as a group are likely to invest in products that feel personalized and reflect their personal style and brand. Bright Cellars promotes this customization through matching each member to each wine specifically. It’s as much of a wine discovery project as it is a wine education experience, with flavor and aroma profiles, and a blog that explores and explains the wide world of wine.

What Wine Can Learn from the Craft Beer Movement

Bright Cellars has discovered a new way to sell wine. Wine + Mail = Happy Customers.

Bright Cellars has discovered a new way to sell wine. Wine + Mail = Happy Customers.

“Other wine subscriptions have focused heavily on discounting and no one has solved the heart of the problem yet: There is a ton of high-quality wine out there that our members will love that they would never otherwise try, learn about, or have access to. Bright Cellars is the fun, interactive way to experience new wine,” says Richard Yau, Bright Cellars CEO. As Yau puts it,

“Millennials are ready for this. Nearly all of our new members learned about us through social media or bloggers. I think we can do for wine what craft beer has done for the beer industry.  We can help wine drinkers discover and learn about the world of wine. Gallo and Constellation Brands are looking at how to engage millennials, and I think we have that solution.”

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