Not Just Another Vendor


In today’s world, market research is more than just a one-stop shop. It’s not enough to collate information through a couple of quantifiable data points, and then send a client out into the chaotic world of consumerism.

For me, building relationships with my clients – not just acting as another vendor – is the most fulfilling part of my work as a market researcher. Before taking on any new project, I like to gather as much information as possible, understanding the perspectives and objectives of my clients in order to make their projects more actionable. Working with businesses to gather and analyze market research is more than just another service. It is a necessary partnership.

All too often, outside vendors receive a negative reputation as ad hoc suppliers, serving a particular purpose that does not require further interpretation. Not only does this invalidate the larger purpose of market research, it detracts from true fulfillment that comes through a career built on building relationships. I love to stay in touch with my clients, hearing of their successes, and helping them overcome any roadblocks they have encountered.

The challenge as a market research vendor is remaining a partner to clients while maintaining autonomy and an objective opinion that gives credence to your value as a vendor. To offer biased and parroted rhetoric on an issue pertaining to a client’s needs and desires would completely discount the role of hiring an outside perspective. It’s a balancing act, but knowing the industry, understanding the client’s culture, and being ready at a moment’s notice is what makes my work exciting.

As someone who thrives on building relationships with my clients and overseeing the duration of their projects – from the brainstorming beginnings to the palpable successes and the challenges in between, it is imperative to me to truly get to know each client on a deeper level. I focus on digging into my clients’ objectives, in order to turn a vague idea into a successful and actionable plan. There is nothing more gratifying than watching my clients succeed because they chose to work with someone who is in it for the long haul – not just another vendor.