Welcome Back to the previous discussion (foot traffic): Here we are at THE NEXT LEVEL


SHE continues to say (can’t quite shut her up on this one…SHE has passion for this level), get them in and do it using all of the newest greatest technological gadgets, widgets, blogs, posts, and blasts that you can.  Why not?  Everyone else is and if you don’t, your competition will (sorry, but someone had to tell you that).  Just do it smarter, do it with a plan and never, ever, lose sight of your customers.  The new are great, but the old are loyal.  You can’t buy loyalty; you had to earn that. Congratulations! You did it!  Now, keep that existing customer happy, but be sure to show the new group just what’s in store for them when they, too, become your loyal customers.


Want more ideas to make this happen?  Here’s a check list.

  1. Call your local ad agency and have them whip up a fantastic new ad campaign that is loaded with bells and whistles that would make folks heads turn, and likely get them in your door.
  2. Reach out and inundate your social media network with chatter and get them all ‘abuzz.’ This is never a bad idea…keep them talking.  Keep them talking about you.
  3. Click through to groupon, living social, sharing spree, or moolala; set up your campaign and watch them roll in.


I’m just full of good ideas today.  Use them, but, in the meantime, talk to someone.  Talk to your old customers. Talk to your new customers.  Talk, talk, talk.  It’s all about communication, folks, because communication begets a relationship (I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of a successful relationship that didn’t also have great communication, did you?  It’s no different in business!).  Without it, forget it all.


So, I say (OMG, SHE’S still on a roll!), do it all.  Flood the airwaves, blast your messages, tweet, post, bargain, grovel, beg, pray, and wait.  But, as you wait, be proactive.  Waiting is not a mutually exclusive place reserved for the contented.  It’s a place bursting with opportunities; it is that space between doing and receiving the benefits of what’s been done.  Prepare for your new campaign by asking yourself, “What’s next?  How do I keep the new folks coming in and how do I maintain the loyal customer base I already have?”

Good luck to all.  Have fun.  It’s a brave new, profitable business world out there and it’s yours for the taking.  Make sure you get your piece of your customer’s share of wallet without giving up the store!   Yes, you truly can! But, you must be prepared.  Have all your ducks in a row.  Now’s the time to take steps beyond the reduced rate offering.  Sure, the offer’s already out there – but it’s not too late to plan, plan, plan!  Preparation is key!   With post-offer planning you can, you will run a FANTASTIC campaign.  Correctly done, it can lead to strong relationships with your customers.  Uh oh, there it is again … relationship (the glue that holds it all together).  Now, go to it but, before you do … I repeat, PREPARE.  Be ready.  Can you see now why it’s so important to ask the question, “Why?” as well as many more questions?  Yes, of course, I can have ideas for you if you’d like my help.  I’m here.  You know where to find me.


It’s not just about getting them in the door…

Foot traffic is good.  No, foot traffic is GREAT!  Who wouldn’t agree with this?  You’ve probably said these very words: My business couldn’t exist without it.  I need people through my doors.   Ah…all absolutely valid comments, but if that’s the end of our business plan, then I disagree. Now, don’t get mad – I propose further discussion before we both can agree.  Let’s do a little “they say/she says” and see if we can’t sort this out.

They say (yep, you might likely include yourself in ‘they’) that traffic is vital.  Here’s what I hear:  My business would perish without it.  Warm bodies circulating throughout my establishment make it all work.  I will do anything, absolutely anything I can in order to make this happen.  I tweet, I post, I bargain, I grovel, I beg, I pray, I wait.  I’ve done everything I can do, right?

SHE says:  great thinking and superb effort.  Kudos!  But, now let’s talk about what you’re not doing and see if that disconnect is forcing you to continue to have to tweet, post, bargain, grovel, beg, pray, and wait.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself.  Now be honest!

  • Are you focusing on your customer?
  • Are you focusing attention on what you sell, how you sell it, and if your customers even want it?
  • Have you asked your customers if they value you; if they would choose you over another, even if the other was lower priced, or closer?
  • Have you built a relationship with your customer?  Do you have their loyalty?  Or, are you a magnet for the bargain shopper who just spotted you on their last check of their e-mail inbox or social media wall?

Oh, wait a minute; before you get upset let me continue with the social media discussion.  Truth is I’m really not that insensitive.  Heck, I like a tasty daily offer presented to me via my e-mail or my social media network as much as the next.  Yep, gotta admit it … I love a deal!  Who doesn’t?  Offering opportunities via social media is a GREAT idea.  Really, it is, even though every other article out there tells you it isn’t.  Seriously, just google it.  You’ll find A LOAD of naysayers absolutely, resolutely, undeniably against working social media which discounts their product/services to drive foot traffic.  But (now here’s where you listen carefully to what SHE says), if done right, with reasonable limits and a follow-up plan (while never losing sight of your current customers) you’re good to go.  Sure, continue to tweet, post, bargain, grovel (it never hurts), beg, pray, and wait … but be proactive at the same time.  Think through your campaign and take it to the next level.  You know, that’s the one where you ask – What do we do once our customer arrives?