Social Media – Content Architecture (aka THE PLAN)

As I begin this discussion let me set the stage with this: Social media IS media. Just like the old traditional forms (TV, news and radio…remember those?) these (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.) are YOUR avenues to getting YOUR message out. Even though the medium is now electronic in nature the base and philosophy for dispersement is the same. For example while the random approach works, and is better than nothing (meaning you post because something ‘moved’ you, or caught your eye), setting up a content architecture for your social media will afford you the opportunity to have a plan in place and properly manage (and massage) your social media network and distribution. Map out which social outlets you utilize (and yes, the more…the merrier!), take a look at where you draw content (don’t forget all your existing sources such as your website, white papers, press releases, etc. – these are GREAT places to start) and start the process of building a plan. Then, of course…stick to your plan!

Don’t forget at the end of your posts, blogs, tweets, etc. link the reader back to a place you’d like them to land such as your website, or link bringing them to a special offer, polls, etc.

The key is to leverage the appropriate messages and syndicate those messages in a way which creates a loyal (current) following but also brings you new followers, through pass ons, retweets (RT) or other forms of electronic sharing.

Be sweet and tweet! If for nothing less than a gateway to a followup conversation – over and above the 140 character limit.
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