2009 – typical year? Slower than usual? What did you do?

If you experienced a slower than usual year, regarding market research conducted or out-sourced, what did you do?

Did you expand your skill-set and if so, what new methodologies did you adopt or what new techniques did you hone? Did you update your offerings for your clients, such as new systems, processes or pricing? Did you coast on the fruits of 2008, and are you now hoping it picks back up in 2010? Did you work outside of the market research field, and if so, are you coming back?

Or, if you are on the other end of market research and you typically out-source, what did you do in order to obtain the answers you needed to meet your internal needs – what were your decisions based upon? Did you utilize more secondary research? Did you learn how to utilize on-line platforms in order to conduct your own research? Did you utilize research conducted in years past in order to determine the best course forward? Did you utilize internal resources in order to conduct your research, and will you continue to lean on them in 2010? Did you simply put product/service launches on the hold until the economy picks up and the purse strings are loosened?

Lastly, all this being said – how do you feel about 2009? Are you satisfied with where you are heading into 2010? Do you feel you successfully met your market research needs in 2009 and do you think you’ll continue the course for 2010? Here’s to a fantastic end of 2009 (as we’re quickly approaching the end of 4th quarter) and a positive view as we lead into 2010!