Creative Cross-Overs in Social Media Networking

We all know ‘it’s’ here and either we’re jumping on board or we’re pushing back but take heed…if you didn’t know, know now that ‘IT’ is here. The ‘it’ to which I refer is social networking and everyone is doing it. It’s not just your kids’ social outlet anymore it’s everyone’s! From the local cupcake company who sends out tweets with their flavors of the day, and Ellen, on Facebook, who let’s you know what’s coming up on her show, to the CEO at Southwest who tweets as he criss-crosses the county – they have joined in! Have you? Have your clients?

What are some creative ways either you, or your clients, utilize social networking to get the word out on products, services or events? Or, what are some of the most creative cross-overs you’ve seen in social media networking? Or, if you want to take it another way…what things have you seen companies try on social media networking that you think just don’t work, as I believe, though ideas abound on this (new) platform, this too has its limitations…what do you think they are? 

Feel free to reach out to me, leave me a reply following this post, e-mail me @ , tweet me (, or get ‘Linkedin’  (see below) with some of your input, I’d love to hear!  But, in the meantime, if you haven’t joined in…DO – this is not a mere evolution – this is a REVOLUTION!  The times they are a changing  HAVE changed!