Need Market Research? Not just for BIG businesses. You might be surprised to discover your organization needs it. Read on.

Take a minute and check out the questions below…do any of them resonate with you? If they do, or others come to mind, Advocate Market Research can help you reach your objective by finding the answers you seek.   A market research plan that fits your needs can be fashioned using a variety of methodologies, both traditional and progressive, while working within your budget and time constraints.


– Do you need a list of customers or prospects, but are not sure whom you need on that list?   Who’s buying your product?  Who’s buying your competitors’?

– Do you have a new product or service and need to determine its value to your potential customers?

– Are your customer’s satisfied?

– What is motivating your customers to shop elsewhere or consider different products?

– Do you need to know why, or why not, consumers use your business and services, or shop at your store?

– Do you have a new product entering the marketplace, but are not sure in what store or location to place it?

– Do you need customer feedback on a new product, service, or concept?

– Do you need to understand why a customer buys a specific type  (brand or variety) of product?

– Do you need to know how your customers interact with your product, or your competitor’s product?

Did any of these questions hit home? If so, they can provide solid jumping off points to begin a relationship with market research which may well reward you with answers that could fortify your organization’s bottom line.

Remember, market research does not have to be intimidating, time consuming, a hardship on your internal resources, or too costly. What market research can do for you is keep you current, on top of the desires of your customers, in touch with your prospects’ needs, and ahead of your competition. So, maybe you need market research after all. What do you think?

Why hire ‘The Researcher’ when what you really need is the researcher’s mind?

The times they aren’t a-changin’ – they’ve changed.  We all know that the INFORMATION AGE is here.  And the good news is that you can access that researcher’s mind via the technology of the present age.

In the past, researchers were expected to produce at the speed of light, but weren’t quite able to pull it off in warp speed.  We heard questions like, ‘what do you mean you can’t recruit, conduct, and report out on focus groups, in multiple areas, in two weeks?” “You mean you can’t have the survey fielded and analyzed in a week?’ … Well – now you can.

By using today’s technology and the expert mind of a skillful Market Researcher, the results we produce will astound you.  We can now gather, input, and process information and report out quickly, competently, and more cost-effectively than previously possible.  Forget about always having to travel for a face-to-face with customers, clients, or persons of interest.  Now there are ways to have that same intimate discourse with your market researcher without them ever leaving their bed…okay, so that may be pushing it, but at least without them leaving their office.  No more airfare, hotels, or food expenses out of your pocket.  The information age approach is all about mining the researcher’s mind, not digging into your wallets.

While there will always be an argument for, or situations requiring the traditional and more time-consuming way of researching, i.e., focus groups, intercepts, etc, there is much available that will make many of your research needs a reality for a fraction of the cost and, quite often, a sliver of the time.

By your researchers utilizing texting, web-cams, and on-line qualboards you, the client, will sustain forward momentum while others remain at a standstill “because of the economy.”  Push aside that “because of the economy” negative reasoning and avoid counter-productive discussions that sound like this … “because of the economy we need to hold off on that project.” Instead, focus on getting lucrative results through newer, faster, cheaper, yet equally effective ways of reaching your target market.  And, through it all, keep in mind how you get to this point. It is not the entire researcher you need to hire; you merely need the stuff that’s in that proficient researcher’s mind.  So, why pay for the whole package when you can guard your bottom line and obtain timely results by getting the part that matters most – the Market Researcher’s mind.