ADVOCATE MARKET RESEARCH provides you with an economically feasible alternative to employing a Market Researcher

Do you find yourself saying the following sentences all too frequently?  “Because of the economy … We can’t hire.”  “We’re cutting our research budget.”  “We’re putting that project on hold … indefinitely.”  Ouch!  In today’s tight market, these simple words can, in fact, hurt your business.  Market research is the key that keeps your business doors open, and the research professionals at Advocate Market Research can provide the keys – at a fraction of the financial outlay for a permanent employee. 

Advocate Market Research has served a variety of companies:  manufacturers of health products, banks, insurance companies, and retail establishments.    We have successfully provided them with qualitative and/or quantitative research both on and off-site, filling their research voids.  Whether you company is faced with budgetary cuts, maternity leave, or, hopefully, an influx of projects that your internal team is too stretched to manage, we come in to support your team on a semi-permanent basis.

Managing the bottom line is always the first goal for any smart company, but the key to that upwardly rising bottom line is to keep on top of your company’s research needs.   If you want to stay on top of your competition, it’s folly to let research slide “because of the economy.”    Shaving costs for the short term can put you at risk for falling behind, not being first to market, or faltering on your current product offerings.

When you bring in out-sourced research professionals who can fill your research needs, you will save the high fixed costs of employing a permanent, or even a part-time researcher.  Turnabout is fair play, so why not turn around your concerns “because of the economy” by saving your green by outsourcing your research projects to Advocate Market Research.  That decision may be just the key to allow you to maintain a competitive edge and successfully manage your bottom line.